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Powder Coating Specialists since 1999.

Phone: (612) 4721 4279


AMPC are the Powder Coating Specialists. Since 1999.

Dedicated to servicing the professional buyers of Australia’s manufacturing industries.

All Metals Powder Coating have earned a reputation for quality because of the extra care they take at every stage of the production process.

Powder Coating

AMPC are the powder coating specialists and have a fully conveyorised plant as well as a batch plant.

Electrical / Corrosion Insulation

AMPC offer Electrical / Corrosion Insulation service. The insulating coating powders provide electrical insulation and environmental protection.

Sand Blasting

AMPC use the sandblasting or abrasive blasting process to clean and/or etch a surface by a selected abrasive forcibly propelling against the product surface.

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